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MIDI-Recorder MSD-3

Help at services without organist

Selfplaying system for Organs with MIDI-In

  • The song-title is shown at the display

  • Storage medias:
    SD-card, MMC-card or USB-Stick

  • Use MIDI-files fast and easy at the service

  • Selecting of the songs with chain-function or selection-software: "Orgaliwa"

  • Deliverable with wireless remote control
    Start/Stop, faster, slowlier

  • Possibility of making folders on the data medium

  • Practical housing
    (180 x 170 x 70 mm)
  • All functions work with USB-keyboards
  • Title your own records with the recorder or an USB-keyboard

Using in the service:

  • The MIDI-Recorder waits at the beginning of the first song for the start-signal.
    Distance of the wireless remotecontrol: about 100m

  • After the start-signal the organ beginns with a short preplay and accompanies the singing in a 4 voices play with the choosen number of verses

  • The tempo can be corrected
  • At the end of the song the Recorder stops itself, changes to the following song and waits for the next start-signal.
  • It's possible to program the recorder with a registration-list of your organ. So you can use our standard-MIDI-files and the stops of your list will sound.

ear-Registration-Number: WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 76983900
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